Exploring My World…Celebrity Dairy, My Third Visit

I could not pass up another chance to visit Celebrity Dairy during their Open Barn Event.  This is when you can visit the dairy, for free, and experience the joy of the baby goats.  Melissa, Nicole, and I jumped in the car, set our GPS and off we went…
Here is a quote from their site….
Following time-honored French farmstead techniques, we transform their milk into fresh goat cheese, or chèvre. Its taste is inextricably tied to its place of origin - our particular herd of Alpine and Saanen goats, their forage unique to our farm's pasture and woods, the Piedmont's gentle seasons, and our evolving skill in transforming the continuously changing milk into a delicate fresh chèvre. Simply put, Celebrity Dairy chèvre is an honest expression of ourselves, and our farm, and our place in time - our "terroir".
We made it to the farm safely and now to see the goats…

It is always fun to visit the farm.  I think Melissa and Nicole had a great time too….

The other critters on the farm….

It was a beautiful day….

I had a great day with two amazing friends.  
Get out and take an adventure.  I suggest you check out Celebrity Dairy on an open barn day.
If you like goats you will love the visit.
Enjoy Your World!


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