Photography at the Farmers Market...

I do not always have the strength to motivate myself to do the things I used to love.  One of my passions, that I have not been enjoying since my transition began, is photography.  Most of the time my camera just sits on the shelf.  This is where I need my friends to hold me accountable to get out and do the things that use to drive me.  Sheila, my friend and co-worker held me accountable a couple of weeks ago. She told me to go out somewhere and take pictures.  I would not have gone if I did not hear her saying "Kathy, I am going to check with on Monday to make sure you went."  So I did go.  I went to the State Farmers Market and took some shots.  Here are the results. Started off with the extension tubes....

Then switched to the P510...

Thank you Sheila for holding me accountable...and for caring. I did find some joy in photography again.  I may go to the State Fair next week and enjoy taking more photos.  Does anyone want to hold me accountable:-)
Take care Everyone.
If you like photography get and take some pictures.
Enjoy Your World:-)
"You just remind me of what's really important in life, friends"
Fried Green Tomatoes


  1. These are great Kathy! I love love love the fourth and fifth ones down.

    Just keep going. One foot in front of the other.

  2. Great photos. I sometimes just go in the front yard and snap photos of the birds that come to my feeders...relaxing and it makes me feel 'creative'. Have a blessed day Kathy...and do keep those fantastic shots coming.


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