Motivation and Adventure Thru Media.....Movie "Fired Green Tomatoes"

I have a new idea.  I will watch movies or read books and magazines and find adventures.  (It is hard for me to get out since my nightmare began June 4, 2013, but I will push myself.)
I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day, Fried Green Tomatoes.  Great movie.  As I was watching it I realized that here I am in the south and I have never tasted fried green tomatoes.  Ok we have our motivation and now lets seek out the adventure.
I got ahold of Joanie and told her I would love to try fried green tomatoes and she said lets do it.  Her husband Phil picked the Restaurant and off we went to Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill....

They were yummy!  What a fun time.  We decided we need to go back and try the fried chicken, it looked amazing.  If you like southern food and you are in the Chapel Hill area I suggest you try Mama Dip's.Good food and friendly folks.  You won't be disappointed.
A quote from the movie that fit the occasion..
"You remind me about the most important thing in life...Friends best friends."
There are so many friends that have reached out in support for me since my nightmare began.  I can't begin to thank you all.  You have literally saved my life. For this adventure I will thank my friends Phil and Joanie. Love you guys:-)
Get out on an adventure.
Enjoy Your World!


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