Monday Morning Motivation...Sad Sorrow vs Happy Sorrow....

I was reading Guideposts Magazine and found a quote that spoke to me by Robin Roberts.

"I remember something my mom said after my father died: "You have a choice. You can have sad sorrow or happy sorrow".  I'm going to follow her advice and choose the latter."

The sorrow that I feel, over this unnecessary split and pain thrust upon my family, is intense.  I still have the burning in my arms that began the day I accidentally found out that I was being abandoned. The only way I have found to find this "happy sorrow" is to stay busy.  Busy in my prayer and devotional life.  Busy with my friends.  Busy with activities.  Busy forcing myself to do the things I used to love, but now have trouble finding the joy in, such as cooking and photography. Busy working around the house.  Busy watching movies and reading of things that inspire and motivate me.  These activities keep me going.
So what did I do this week...?
I Went out with friends...
Niki and I went out for a glass of wine after work. Thank you Niki!
Charles and I power washed the front porch. Thanks Charles and Pat for being great neighbors!
Joanie, Phil and I went out for fried green tomatoes. Thanks Phil and Joanie!

Dave and I went out for coffee. Thanks Dave!
Cindy and I went to Bright Leaf Square to listen to a band called Happy. Thanks Cindy!

I ran 4 miles on Saturday.
Melissa and I went bowling. Thanks Melissa!

Caleb spent the night Saturday Night. We spent time enjoying being outside, for Caleb it is a world of discovery... Love You Caleb!

Church with Josh, Steph and Caleb on Sunday and then a trip to the farmers Market. Thanks guys!

I am still in a huge amount of emotional pain.  I just keep holding onto God and my friends, and in them I find a sensation of hope in an extremely negative situation.
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer"
Romans 12:12


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