A Day on the Lake with Amber. Trying new things...Paddle Boarding

I am so thankful for friends.  There are three things that have kept me grounded, probably saved me from myself and in essence probably saved my life, as I have endured this unexpected and unwanted storm in my life.  Those things are God, prayer and so many friends.  Friends I did not even know I had have stepped up and prayed for me and supported me.  My neighbors have become my friends. Because of God, friends, and prayers I am able to make it through the day.  Because of God, prayers, and my friends I am now strong enough to pray for them and others.  Just receiving a message of support on Facebook or on my phone, an e-mail or phone call mean so much.  I have gotten cards and gifts and hugs. These, literally, get me through the day and make me thankful.
Nearly every invitation I receive I accept because I am trying to recapture joy in my life.  I had gotten an invitation from Amber to go paddle boarding and kayaking with her this past Monday.  I said yes!  What a wonderful day.....
The beautiful lake...

Amber gave me some instruction and I must admit I was a bit apprehensive but she is such a good teacher I was ready to give it a shot.  I spent some time on my knees...
 It was fun on my knees.  It felt level and secure, like I wish life was.  I was about ready to say "your turn Amber".  Something inside me said "no!".  "You are here now and you need to stand up."  It went through my mind that it is a bit like my life.  Unstable.  Hundreds of changes that I would like to run away from rather then "stand up" and face. I took a deep breath and stood up.  I heard Amber in the background saying "breath Kathy", kinda like God "I got your back Kathy".  I did it!  I was able to stand up and paddle around and it felt good.
 Amber gave me the option of heading out on the lake but I decided I had stood up and had paddled a bit and now I was ready for the kayak.  She got the kayak all set up and I went off alone to explore the lake.  So peaceful.  The sun was shinning, and the sky deep blue with puffy white clouds. There were dragon flies (which Amber told me mean "new life"), and hundreds of butterflies.  I closed my eyes and  prayed.  I said the familiar scripture that I lean on The Lords Prayer and Psalm 23.  I thanked God for his beautiful creation.

I spend a lot of time enjoying the lake and the beauty that was all around me.  Then Amber and I came together.  We paddled and talked.  We shared.

Thank you for teaching me how to paddle board Amber.  But most of all thank you for sharing your time with me.  Thank you God for Friends:-)
Get out and try something new.  I suggest paddle boarding.  (I did learn it is easier for short people like me.  I am about 5'3".  Finally something for we petite folks:-)
Enjoy Your World!


  1. Good for you Kathy.
    It's hard until, one day, it isn't.
    With the great attitude you have, you'll not just survive, but thrive.


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