Words of wisdom and encouragement...."As long as you can, do it"

It has been a tough 5 weeks.  I have not been myself since my husband decided to leave me.  Awful!
I was reading Guideposts Magazine this week.  They have a section called "The Up Side, Quotes from Today's Positive Thinkers".  I liked the quote form Robert Redford...

"The way I deal with arthritis is to keep moving.  As long as you can play hard tennis, 
as long as you can ski or ride a horse---all kinds of things can come your way.  
As long as you can, do it"
Robert Redford
His challenge seems to be his arthritis.  Mine is the different. Mine is a looming unwanted and unnecessary divorce.  Both painful in their own way.  Well I took Robert's advice and decided to "do it".  I went and heard friends sing at an Irish Pub last night after work.  Today I got up and went to a local Zumba class.  I came home and made banana bread and watched a movie.  This weekend I am going to church and to a local comedy event.  Sometimes it is hard to go through the motions of what used to bring me joy but I am trying.  
I don't know the pain of your situation.  I do suggest even in your pain that you reach out to friends.  Even in your pain get out and do something fun.  Even in your pain try to enjoy the world you find yourself in.
Peace and Blessings


  1. Divorce is horrendous, I know cos I have been through it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, the joy will come back but it will be different and better xx


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