Photography....Kenko Extension Tubes for my Nikon D3200

I love to take close up photos of flowers.  In the photo world I believe this is called Macro Photography. I have gotten some shots that I really love with my Nikon P510 but they did not have the clarity of the photos my daughter could get with her Nikon D5000.  So for Christmas my family surprised me with a Nikon D3200.  I could not wait to get started.  
Here is one of my attempts using the basic lens that comes in the kit. Nice shot but lacking clarity.  I could not get as close as I would like without a blur.
So how do I get closer to my subject and achieve a crisp clear shot?  There are a few options as I have learned in the one day class I took with Rocky Mountain Photography School. 
Here is what RMPS had to say...
You could buy close up filters for around $40. The pros are they are inexpensive and lightweight. The cons they are usually low quality so not always an even image and the edges tend to lose their sharpness.
They said something about Multi Element Filters but I don't remember what it was:-(
You could get Extension Tubes.  The price is around $200 for a set.  The school recommended Kenko for Nikon cameras.  Pros..light weight, and can use with a variety of lenses. The cons, they are time consuming to use and can be hard to get used to. 
Or, you could get a Macro lens. The cons....hundreds to thousands of dollars.  The pros, high quality, and you don't have to change tubes.
What should I do?  I consulted my photo club and was encouraged, based on my budget,  to get the  extension tubes.
After much thought I went to my computer brought up Amazon, read the reviews on the Auto Extension Tube Set by Kenko.  Held my breath and pushed the "buy now" button.  There was no turning back....
Here they are.....So this is what $200 looks like.  I hope they work.  I pulled out my Nikon for dummies to review how to remove and replace my lens, and started playing, knowing full well this is going to take practice....

Oh no, my first shot....I was worried...$200 down the "tubes".  Keep trying Kathy!

Oh! I have to get much closer to my subject....

 I know the picture below is a bit blurry.  I am not good at this yet. But you can really see the spider!  I think he is upset with me as he rears up on his hind legs:-)

After playing around just a bit with my extension tubes I must admit I feel I have entered an entirely new world of photography.  I know I will have to practice to learn when to use which tube and how many tubes to use to get the desired effect, but what fun.  I did learn also that if you use all 3 tubes at one time it is probably best to use a tripod because it is very difficult to hold steady.
I hope it is a nice day tomorrow because I hope to go to Duke Gardens to practice.
Get out and take some pictures!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. duke gardens in Hillsborough ?

  2. hi Kathy...
    Iam Lavanya recently enlightened about photography..started playing With Nikon new D3200 which i managed to buy recently...I realised i enjoy taking closer shots on plant, trees, flowers and all what ever crosses my way...Found your blog while trying to decide which one to buy between extension tubes and macro lenses..Happy to see one more soul with D3200 with interest in macro photograhy...thank for the review


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