Monday Morning Motivation

I was reading "Daily Guideposts Journeys" and came across a quote that I really liked...
"When one door closes, another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we don not see the one which has opened for us"....How true!
I think about all the change in my life in the last few years.  My parents and my brother died all within a short period of time....that door closed and could not be opened.  Well I could hold onto "music".  For years I have loved to sing.  I loved to sing with praise teams, love to sing harmony and play backup keyboard.  What fun and, for me, more then that, it was my form of worship.  I was part of the worship team at Hope Creek for probably 10 years and then for about 2 years at Apex UMC.  If nothing else I could hold on to my  For the last two or three years I have not been involved in a music ministry, but I keep looking back at the closed door.  I am ready now to move forward and find my new open door and stop looking back.

Another quote from the entry...
"What a waste of time it is to keep on staring at a door you know cannot be opened.  And how exciting it is to find the one that God swings wide for you!"
Good Advice
Happy Monday!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. This is a beautiful shot! My lilies just bloomed this week and they almost the same color. I have a Nikon Coolpix P510 and I'm still learning how to get good shots. I'm glad I found your blog through a Google search for how-to's on a Nikon :)


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