Learn as you go Photography Lessons....Sports Mode

Primary photography subject, Caleb,  using sports mode...

Since I received my beautiful new camera for Christmas I have been very excited to try and master all the hidden bells and whistles at my fingertips.   A new world of adventure.

Initially I was excited to take Caleb out to the airport to watch the planes and take pics of him running back and forth with excitement.  Well the weather did not cooperate.  Then I was planning on going to the Krispy Kreme Race to watch and take action shots of Joe, Erica, and Tim as the flew by to the finish line.  Well I ended up sick and could not go.  (Joe and Erica's photo from last years race...)

I felt stifled...what to do?  Caleb, Steph, and Josh were over last Sunday and the weather was chilly but nice so why not go out to the garden and then to the park to try a few shots?
I had been doing a bit of reading on action shots in my new favorite photo magazine that I get on line.  It is called Photography for Beginners, a magazine out of the UK.  Great magazine!  I could not afford the cover price of over $100.00 so I get it on my desk top through Zinio for a little over $30.  Great deal.
This will not be an in depth lesson.  Just a beginners first attempt. From Volume 22 of Photography for Beginners I learned that for action shots you need to compose your shot ahead of time, have a fast shutter speed (around 1/500) and use continuous focus with tracking if you have it. They also suggested using sports mode.
The garden shots...I was using sports mode which produces a bunch of shots. Here are just a few
(Iso 2800, 35mm, f/5 1/500. This was all predetermined by the setting)

Below I caught some interesting fast motion shots of what happened when Caleb threw the 
football. Not as clear as I would like but a good first attempt. I was still in sports mode and 
the shutter stayed at 1/500 but I did notice other things changed.  I can't tell you if the camera
 did it automatically or if I did it:-)

Now off to the park...still in sports mode...

If you have not tried sports mode on your camera I suggest you give it a try.
It will freeze the motion for you and hopefully out of the many that it takes you will find
one you love.  More to come on action shots as I learn.
I had to take a few other shots too..
Caleb in his chair just like PaPa's....

I love macro shots! My new Lenten Rose
Get out and take some pictures!
Enjoy Your World:-)


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