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I love love love to take pictures. Those of you who follow my blog know I have a new camera and a lot to learn. I am ready to dive in.  So, last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend one day of a weekend photography workshop hosted by Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  There had been an ice storm the night before but the program was going on as planned and I was determined to get there.  I jumped in my SUV and headed to Morrisville at a whopping 27MPH maximum speed.  I made it. Got there early, grabbed a cup of coffee and found my seat excited for class to begin....( I will throw a few of my favorite past photos in this post, because you know I can't have a blog post with only words:-)

Here is how they introduce them selves on their website...

"Rocky Mountain School of Photography isn't a building. Nor is it a classroom or a campus. In fact RMSP isn't an "it" at all.
Rocky Mountain School of Photography is a "we." We are a handshake, a return phone call and a human voice on the other end of the line. We are the light bulb that goes off in your head during the learning process; the extra effort that transforms "I'm trying to…" into "I got it!" We are that deep-down belly laugh you share with a like-minded stranger during a workshop, and that comfortable, at-ease feeling you have while photographing something you love. We are the experience you remember when asked, "how did you get that shot?"
A family-owned school that believes in the power of endless potential, we strive to educate, inspire and foster long-term growth in fun and supportive learning environments. Our instructors are engaging, professional, and focused. Our educational philosophy is built on the principle that with the right training, every student's goals are attainable. Our "people-first" approach to education has enabled thousands of individuals to improve their technique and further their abilities. This is just what happens when education is your lifestyle - as it has been ours since opening our doors in 1989."
My goodness they were just as they described themselves.  Professional, friendly, informative, and ready to answer any question no matter how basic.  I learned a lot and learned I have a ton to learn:-)

I could choose 3 workshops to attend.  I decided to take Photo Basics One,  Photo Basics Two, and Macro Photography.  
In Photo Basics One I learned about focal length, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Stops, VR, Aperture, Depths of Field, and Exposure Modes. In Photo Basics Two we talked more about Aperture and Shutter Speed and added ISO.  We also touched on Histograms. My "Aha" moment was when we talked about light metering.  So that is what that strange graph with the zero in the middle is.  I always ignored it, I had no idea what it was.  Here is a photo example I found on line...
I must say that when I first heard about it I thought "wow that is really easy, all I have to do is zero out the meter". Sadly that is not totally true, he went on to say that there is more that goes into it,  The camera sees a bit different then we do and there are things that need to be compensated for.  You have to outsmart the other words I must review my notes, research further and put it into practice....which will be fun:-)
My third and final workshop was Intro to Macro Photography.  I love taking close up photos.
We discussed closeup filters, multi element filters, extension tubes (my next investment. I need to get them before the spring flowers bloom at Duke Gardens:-) and macro lenses. 

He spoke of exposure concerns, DOF, using a flash, types of light, composition tips, how to diffuse light.   
What a great way to spend a Saturday, learning how to take better pictures.  I can't wait to begin to put it into practice.  If you are interested in photography I highly recommend Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  If I were you I would watch for workshops coming to your state.  I hope they come back next year, I would be thrilled to take more of their classes. 
Enjoy Your World!


  1. Kathiey,

    What a great moment this was to see your blog post! Morrisville was a challenging event to pull off with the weather the way it was, but seeing your comments make us realize it was worth every second. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts in writing. Would you mind if we put a link to your blog on our Facebook page so others can read your review?

    Thanks again,

    Andy @ RMSP


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