Monday Morning Motivation on a Tuesday:-)

My mom was a very generous person.  I can remember her giving her time and money to various groups.  We collected money on many occasions for the American Heart Association.  We spent hours working with the Special Olympics.  She also had a special place in her heart for a group called Boys Town.  I have one of her book marks from this group and I read it every night before I do my evening reading.
"Dear Lord, I have been very hard on myself. 
I make demands on myself which are too harsh.
I judge myself too severely.
I have put myself down too often.
That is how I grew up.  That is how I was taught.

Dear Lord, I am now putting myself in Your presence.
I am one with You God as well as with others.
I am not going to beat up on myself or others anymore.
I am now experiencing being cared for and guided by You God

Dear Lord, please heal my soul, mind, and body and those of all people.
I rest in Your peace and healing today and forever.

 Every time I read it it is a fresh reminder that God is with us always....Also a fresh reminder that I tend to be too hard on myself because that too is how I was taught.
Happy Monday on a Tuesday Everyone!
Enjoy Your World:-)


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