Monday Morning Motivation on a Sunday:-)

The church we have been attending was closed today.  They have worked so hard this holiday season that they needed a break.  While I was working in the kitchen today I decided to listen to a podcast of a past sermon.
It was basically on hope and where our hope should be focused.  The pastor said we are all part of a bigger narrative,  not just what we see before us, there is so much more.  God promises that he is making all things new.  That what has been broken or marred will be restored.
He said we all have something we surrender to or give ourselves over to.  It may be emotions, feelings, logic, a philosophy, or we could give ourselves over to God.
I liked his quote  Many times we lose our hope when we "misplace our hope in a circumstance" rather then in God.
Thank you God for the hope we can find in you.
Happy Monday, on a Sunday,  Everyone:-)
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