Monday Morning Motivation

Steph and I went to church together yesterday.  Of course the pastor being so relevant to today's world came in eating a Twinkie (in reference to the union strike and closing of Hostess in the news this week).
He spoke of there being life in the here and now that can be lived to its fullest.  How God is with us now. I have to constantly remind myself that God is by my side always.  The best way for me to do that is through music.  The song that touched me the most yesterday was "With Us" by Hillsong United.

"There's no end to your love
There's no end to your love
You're with us
You're with us
There's nothing in this world 
That could take you away
You're with us
You're with us"
Lord as we head to work this morning or what ever we may be doing today help us remember you love us and are always "with us".  Thank You!
Happy Monday everyone.
Enjoy Your World!


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