Horseback Riding at Dead Broke Farm 2012

Last Christmas I bought 4 tickets from "Group On" to go horseback riding at a local farm.  I love the name Dead Broke Farm.  I can understand the name because we had horses when I was growing up and they are not cheap.  It took us nearly a year but we finally made a reservation to ride on a Sunday afternoon.  We also paid a bit more and had our own private tour guide.  What fun:-)
Here is what the farm says about themselves on the website
"Dead Broke Farm’s mission is to provide horses and trails for people who love horses and riding but can’t have horses of their own. We offer a safe environment where you can come to ride without having to register for a series of lessons requiring a significant investment in time and money. Our passion and love of horses in conjunction with our desire to share that experience with others has resulted in our use of many horses that we rescued from terrible conditions of neglect, abuse, and even death. We’d like to share some of those rescue horse stories with you."
We got there a bit early and took some pictures before our ride.....

When ever I do a blog post on a location I read over their web site.  I was so impressed by the fact that most of their horses are rescues.  Many of these horses were just throw aways but this farm saw their value and saved them from some pretty awful situations.  I liked the farm to begin with but after reading this I now love the work they are doing.
Our own personal tour guide.....

 Erica's horse Princess.  Princess was rescued from starvation.  Her story is on the website.

Stephanie and her horse Rose....I could not find her story on the site but she was a sweetie...
 My horse Shiloh was relinquished by her owner.
 Josh's horse Thunder was going to slaughter when she was rescued.

 Caleb had his first horseback ride with Stephanie when Dead Broke Farm came to family day at our church in Oct.
We had a wonderful day at the Dead Broke Farm.  A fun day of riding some pretty special horses.
If you like horses I suggest you check out Dead Broke Farm.  It is pretty special place when you think about all the good they do.
Get out and have some fun!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. Hi, Kathiey. I saw your post of Trip Advisor, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your opinion of our farm with others. It was really awesome that you provided a link to your blog, as it lent you more credibility as a real customer, and it allowed people to learn more about your experience.

    We had 3 ladies ride yesterday who didn't share your opinion. One of them even rode Shiloh (the horse you rode and enjoyed). If you'd like to see their post (and my response), it's on DBF's Facebook Page (


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