Exploring My World....Carolina Balloon Festival...2012

Saturday I took a little adventure.  I joined up with a meet up group called The Starship Travel and Social Club to go to the Balloon Festival in Statesville NC.  I met the Starship (bus) at the Home Depot in Durham along with the driver, Capt Curt.  There 39 folks on the bus all headed for our balloon adventure most of us with cameras in hand anticipating many good shots. We had a comfortable bus ride with many friendly people. My bus partner was Molly.  We spent the entire day together. I really enjoyed her company. We arrived around 1pm and had some time to kill before the balloons would inflate and take off.  So what should we do?  Well, Molly and I ate fried food, listened to bands, went to the wine and beer tasting, checked out the booths that sold various balloon style gifts, then we went back to the wine and beer tasting:-)  Here are some pictures of our adventure..
Met up with the Star Ship...found our seats and set off.  Lynn was one of our hosts.  She was wonderful.  She kept us busy with games and prizes for a large portion of our 2 hour trip.
Just a segment of the what appeared to be thousands of folks
waiting in the field for the evening balloon flight....

 ..Lots of fried foods to choose from.  Reminded me of the state fair....

My favorite time killer, the wine tasting.(I had to take a picture of the modified stroller cup holders that were converted to wine glass holders:-)

When it came time for the balloons to inflate and begin their ascent it was beautiful...

Thanks Lynn, Capt Curt, Molly, and all you nice folks on the Star Ship for a wonderful adventure at the Balloon Festival in Statesville NC.  I had a great time.
Get out and explore!
Enjoy Your World:-)


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