Monday Morning Motivation "Jesus Loves Me..."

What a great weekend we had.  Joe and I had the privilege of watching Caleb all weekend.  Picked him up at daycare on Friday and dropped him off on Monday.  We spent time at the garden center buying pumpkins and mums, then off to the Tobacco Trail to run and bike.  Bought toys at Babies are Us and followed Caleb around protecting him from sharp corners as he practiced his new skill, walking:-)
So what is the motivation for this week?  The children's song Jesus Loves is as simple as that...

Jesus Loves Me this I Know
For the Bible Tells Me So
Little Ones to Him Belong
They are Weak but He is Strong
Yes Jesus Loves Me
Yes Jesus Loves Me 
Yes Jesus Loves Me
The Bible Tells Me So

That is how God loves little ones like Caleb and not so little one's like we adults.  
We are all God's little ones and he loves us.  I am thankful!
Happy Monday (Tuesday)!!
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