Exploring My Local World...Eastern Triangle Farm Tour 2012

Family Farm Tour
Kathy, Steph, Caleb, Josh, Erica and Tim
I don't know about you but I love farm tours.  It gives you a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside, see some amazing animals, meet friendly folks and if you have the extra cash buy some farm fresh food.  Joe and I went to the Piedmont Farm Tour back in 2011 and had a wonderful time.  We saw that there was one this month called the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour so we filled up the car with people and gas and took off for the country.
There are several farms on the tour and they are spread out over miles.  Here are the ones we choose to visit...they were great.
We started with "Hundred Acre Wood Farm and Sanctuary in Rougemont NC....

(Caleb's first up close view of a real horse:-)

(Erica with Blossom.  He follows you around just as a dog would.
Jim, the owner, said that this little pig would always be safe from the table:-)

We loved our visit to the first farm.  The people were so nice and informative.  it was a joy to meet all the animals....
Now back to the SUV and off to the next farm..."The Prodigal Farm" with lots of goats and yummy goat cheese:-)....

They told us these goats love to be picked up so Erica and I took the challenge... 

Goat Cheese/Meat Menu
We loved the Blueberry Cardamon Cheese Cake & took some home..
along with Goat Cheese Logs and Goat meat...

We thought Caleb may have one more farm left in him.  He was getting a bit tired and hungry and was upset after having been stuck by the Farm Tour Button he was wearing but seemed willing to give it a go.  We headed to "Bull City Farm"

We had a wonderful time at the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour.  It is a two day event but sadly it is pouring rain today so I think we will have to wait for the spring farm tour to continue our farm adventures.
Get out and explore!
I suggest you try your local farm tour:-)


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