Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square PA.

A new tradition that we have developed with Bruce and Joe's family is exploring their local area.  When we go up to visit we now go on adventures.  When I was growing up my Mom spoke often of how much she loved Longwood Gardens. She talked about the beautiful flowers and plants and the amazing decorations during the holiday season.  The gardens are in Kennett Square Pa, not too far from Felton, so we filled up the gas tank and took off on a beautiful drive north....I will put some quotes from their website between my pictures....
(Mom and Dad Voshell with Bruce getting ready to enter the Gardens:-)

"Longwood owes its present-day success to the Peirces, who actively pursued a Quaker interest in natural history. By 1850, the site was known as one of the finest collections of trees in the nation, and one of the first public parks, and its aesthetic qualities were as important as its botanical significance."
"Pierre du Pont's purchase of the property to save the trees reflects an acute awareness of plants and gardens dating from childhood. The du Pont family had a long tradition of gardening, and Pierre would turn out to be one of its greatest gardeners."

At the age of 36, Mr. du Pont bought the Peirce farm and began creating what would become Longwood Gardens. He followed no grand plan; rather, he built the gardens piecemeal, beginning with the 600-foot-long Flower Garden Walk in 1907. 
(Joe, Dad V., Bruce, and Mom V.)

"Longwood Gardens is the living legacy of Pierre S. du Pont, inspiring people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education and the arts."

(Bruce seemed to have a great time:-)

(Bruce in one of the amazing tree houses. Not sure who is friend is:-)
"Italian Water Garden....Pierre du Pont's love of water and fountains is embodied in this garden. Pruned littleleaf linden trees, clipped ivy, and green lawns surround six large and 12 small blue-tiled pools with 600 jets of water and a water staircase that recirculate 4,500 gallons of water each minute."

"Longwood's Conservatory is one of the world's great greenhouse structures. It shelters 20 indoor gardens and 5,500 types of plants. The Conservatory was built in 1919 and has been periodically expanded and renovated. At present, there are 195,668 square feet—or 4.5 acres—of covered display, production, and research greenhouses. A leisurely stroll through the display areas takes about 1½ hours and covers about ½ mile."

Topiary Garden 

Evergreen yews clipped into cones, cubes, spirals and other shapes including a chair and table, and birds form a surreal landscape that captures your imagination. 

Main Fountain Garden...This spectacular five-acre fountain garden combines French and Italian design elements with American electrical technology. The highest fountain jet rises 130 feet. 

The indoor children's garden was beautiful....You can see Bruce here planning his next shot...

This place is huge.  There is no way we saw it all.

Trying out my new camera.  The zoom is pretty amazing, they were really far away...
Holding hands with my brother who holds my heart...

I think everyone had a wonderful time at Longwood Gardens.  I can see now why my Mom loved it.  I wish she could have been with us.  I thought of Mom, Dad, and David while I was strolling through the gardens with Bruce. I am sure the gardens in heaven are much more beautiful though:-)
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