Grandfather Mountain NC

If you know me, you know I love to travel.  I would love to travel the world.  For most of us though time and money create a road block to such travel.  We are lucky to live in NC because there are wonderful destinations within driving distance and one such place is Grandfather Mountain.
Here is a quote from their website...
"The views on Grandfather Mountain are more than another pretty picture. As you breathe the crisp air and scan the surrounding hills, you’ll feel far away from the cares of the world. Perhaps it’s because Grandfather Mountain’s peaks loom 4,000 feet above the nearby Piedmont, revealing unrivaled landscapes that calm your spirit. A pristine haven for diverse wildlife and rugged topography, the mountain will expand your horizons and protect your peace of mind, too."
Here are some pics of our trip...

What a wonderful day we had on Grandfather Mountain.  It is a bit pricey....$18.00 per adult but worth it.  The natural beauty, plus animals, hiking trails, and many opportunities for lovely photos, my personal fav:-)  They give you a CD when you enter the park that you can listen to when you drive the winding roads up the mountain.  I suggest you give it a listen, you can learn a lot about the mountain and its history.
Happy Travels Everyone!
Enjoy Your World:-)


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