Colonial Williamsburg...The People/Actors:-)

We loved Williamsburg.  I can't wait to go back.  A highlight of our experience were the people.  They set the mood. They were our teachers, teaching us of the culture of that day, and they were our entertainers.  The acting was first class.  Here are just a few of the many folks we met on our journey...

There are many opportunities to see these folks in action. I wish we would have more time to see all of the shows but we were lucky enough to catch a few.  If you are in Williamsburg you must go to "Fops, Roughs, and Villian's" It is an interactive show where you can cheer on the folks you like and boo the ideas of the people you disagree with. The shots below are of the actors we saw that day in this program.  They are amazing! We loved them all.
We loved this guy.  He was funny and had amazing facial expressions. Beautiful smile

The lovely lady below was in two shows that we happened to be a part of.  We went on a ghost tour called "Ghosts Amongst Us" one evening, where she played a vampire.  The room was silent during her monolog, she was amazing.  She made it seem real.  We were glad to see the next day that she broken the vampire spell and had gotten her color back:-)
This guy below was brilliant also.  We had fun shouting many Boo's and Hazah's directed toward him.  Great fun:-)
If you make it to Old Williamsburg be sure to take in some of the shows.  You will not be disappointed.  Say a few Hazahs for us:-)
Get out and travel!
Enjoy Your World:-)


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