Our Home Transformation.......The Kitchen Counter Tops and Back Splash

OK, I was excited and ready to get started on my kitchen transformation. Empowered and full of confidence, thanks to Jodie the Decor Coach, I was off.  I had done my research on granite and quartz counter tops and basically knew what I wanted, now to find the right folks for the job.  My first stop.  I walked into a shop filled with samples.  There seemed to be more quartz then granite options.  Things I had read did not match up with what they were saying.  It was going to be more difficult then I thought. My confidence level plummeted.  I left confused and a tad discouraged.  I sat in the car for a while then decided to retreat to what I knew....a large home improvement store.  So off I went.  Talked to a few folks there that knew less then I did about what I was searching for.  One very nice sales person took me aside and suggested Apex Marble and Granite in Morrisville NC.  I thanked him, went back to my car and plugged it in my GPS.  As I drove to my destination I was hopeful, but still wondered if anyone could dummy down this process for me. I could not of guessed that my luck was changing,  I was about to meet Pam the Counter Top Queen:-)

Pam was great.  Initially she took me on a tour of the showroom. Went over granite vs quartz counter tops, the care and up keep needed on both.  She even took time to look at my pictures on Pinterest to get a feel for what I had in mind.  We met several times. She drew pictures for me so I could see what the plan was, she drove me to a warehouse to get tile samples to take home.  Pam was there to help me plan my dream kitchen. She wanted me to be pleased with the finished product and worked hard to make sure that I was.
Here is the showroom....

We decided to keep our kitchen flooring, appliances, and cabinets to save money.  Here are some before pictures....So this is our old counter tops, wall paper and hole in the ceiling where an old light fixture used to be (to be repaired soon). See the lamp on the right?  That took the place of the ceiling light that stopped working last fall.  We had someone put in the canned lights a couple of weeks ago.  Wonderful....We can see:-)
Samples of our soon to be new kitchen...
Luckily I choose the lower priced granite.  I tend to like more consistency in the design.  Many have large swirls, that are beautiful, but just not me. So we lucked out and liked the lower priced....I was glad:-)

Our kitchen prepped and ready.  It will be a three day process.  I can't wait.....

 Worn wallpaper....

I will be back soon to show you the steps and the finished product.
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