Monday Morning Motivation on a Sunday:-)

I love that, "it is well with my soul".  Yes it is well with my soul.  I have an amazing family.  A loving husband, two wonderful daughters, a great son in law and an amazing new grandson.  I can't forget the blessing of Bruce, my sweet brother:-) I know beyond doubt that God loves me.  But I am still troubled.  I deeply miss being in a church family.  After serving so many years in the ministry it is difficult to not be in church.  I miss singing and playing keyboards on the praise team, (I used to drive my family crazy  practicing at all hours:-).  I miss the drama teams.  I miss the fellowship I had with so many while Joe was in the ministry. I miss serving in ministry. I miss church services, cooperate prayer, communion. I miss trying new recipes and taking samples to church to share with others. I miss going out for coffee, wine, dinner and movies with my church friends.  I miss knowing I had friends I could call at any hour if need be and they could call me.  I miss the support, the fellowship, the fun of having friends.  I miss the care, the laughter and the tears of true support. I miss hugs. This is all gone now.  Makes me sad and troubles me all at the same time.  I could live without it but I don't want to.
No, I don't accept this, but I am at a point I don't know what to do about it.  Yes there have been major changes in my life the last several years and that has thrown me off balance.  I have made good and bad decisions in the process of reestablishing my world.  Right now my brain is muddled, (probably nothing new:-)  So I will do what I always do. Give it to God.  I will hold onto the reminder that has gotten me through the good the bad and the ugly of the last few years....
I hope that it is well with your soul today.
If not, I pray that you can just remember to
be still and know that He is God,
He is in control and loves you!
Happy Monday!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. Hi Kathiey, Yes God loves you. He gave up His only Son to save us. He suffered the pain of the cross to save us. I believe that when we are feeling sad, lonely, missing out on anything . . . that is the time we need to get out and find someone to help. These are the times we need to draw on His love within us and give it back to someone else. If you miss playing the piano in your church, find a nursing home and go there and play. If you miss going to lunch with an old friend, knock on a new neighbor's door and ask them if they would like to go to lunch. You're not the only lonely woman . . . you might be surprised at what taking that first step toward reaching out to another lonely person can do. It's a matter if choice . . . I WILL rejoice and be glad. Your blogging friend and newest follower, Connie :)


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