Exploring Kathiey's Not So Local World..."Williamsburg Va" Part Two...

Part two of our Colonial Williamsburg trip.

Here is how Wikipedia describes the town...
"Colonial Williamsburg is the private foundation representing the historic district of the city of Williamsburg. The district includes buildings dating from 1699 to 1780 which made colonial Virginia's capital. For most of the 18th century, Williamsburg was the center of government, education and culture in the Colony of Va."
"The motto of Colonial Williamsburg is "The future may learn from the past". The Historic Area is an interpretation of a Colonial American city, with exhibits including dozens of authentic or re-created colonial houses and relating to American Revolutionary War history."
This is what we saw when we walked the city....

Stephanie and Erica's new colonial friend.  I will show you more of the folks we met in an upcoming post and also why we should have looked to see if this young gentleman had nice calves. This was an important trait to the ladies of that day:-)


  1. I have walked those streets before but don't remember it looking as attractive as in your pictures. Great post.


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