Colonial Williamsburg....The Capitol and the Governor's Palace...

The Capitol Building
"After fire destroyed (for the third time) the Jamestown Statehouse in 1698, 
the burgesses decided to move the colony's government to Middle Plantation, soon renamed Williamsburg. On May 18, 1699, they resolved to build the first American structure to which the word "Capitol" was applied". (Quote taken from their website...)

 It would be a better world if the two below were in power:-)

 Our new friend and guide for our Capitol adventure...

 The Governor's Palace....

 Our tour guide....

 Lots of weapons in the palace.  They were ready for any fight that may occur.
Notice the orbs in the chair in the picture below on the chair.  Dust????:-)

 Beautiful bed.  Looks a bit small and bumpy though.  I think I would prefer my not so beautiful but comfy bed with high thread count sheets:-)

 Love the woodwork in the building...

 The Governor's Palace Chief...

Two beautiful girls in a beautiful building.  A wonderful Williamsburg experience with my two daughters that I love with all my heart! I count them God's Blessing:-)
Get out and explore!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. I love those pictures! The building seems so unique, hopefully I'll have the chance to visit Williamsburg soon and to take some pictures of my own. Post some more pictures for me please.


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