Our Home Transformation.......The Couch

We have lived in our house for over 20 years.  I really can't tell you how old it is but it has been around a while.  To say it needs work is an understatement.  Every room needs much tender loving care.  We need things in every catagory. (Luckily I have some of my parents furniture which filled in many empty spots in our home.  Thanks to my brother Dave who told me to take the furniture I could use after Mom and Dad passed.  He said no one else needed it and that I should consider it a gift and reminder of their love.  Thanks Mom and Dad and thanks Dave.  I miss you guys!)
So we need paint, drywall to fill in holes, new carpet or hardwood floors, the list seems endless. How do I start?  I need to slow down and not get overwhelmed.  I guess I will begin with the greatest need.....the couch.
Horror of horrors....this poor couch has seen better days but not many.  It took a turn south the day we got it and it is not that old.  It was and always has been comfy the problem is, the fabric. It was so loosely woven that it snagged as soon as we got it and has not stopped, it snagged on everything...

There were so many snags that I turned the cushions around, and though you can see the zippers, sadly it looks better this way.
We only allow one of our family dogs on the couch.  That would be Capt Morgan, the pack leader of us all.  He too helped with the snagging process. Notice the picture below. See where Morgan is sitting? Yep on the couch...Will he be on the new couch? Yep, he is the top dog:-)
We are going to cover the couch when Morgan comes over for a visit.  Even though it is Microfiber we want to protect it as long as we can.

The other problem was in the construction.  We all lean on the back cushion, ( Joe:-), and in the process we/he have pulled the cushion away from the back of the couch....

In January we were in Blowing Rock NC for Winter Fest. There is a beautiful furniture shop on the outskirts of town, Broyhill Furniture. The building itself is amazing, lots of wood and stone. We have never gone in.  We thought with a building like that we could never afford the furniture. Well we went in and fell in love with a microfiber, leather look sofa.  The price was right, we found many good deals,  we bit the bullet and bought it.  A few weeks later it arrived at home.

Our beautiful new couch.  So nice, no snags, no holes, just comfort.  I guess the couch will be our living room inspiration piece.  We hope to get hard woods and then paint.  I will keep you posted.


  1. Lovely new couch and a great start to doing what you can on the house.

  2. Love the new couch and the horse picture ;)


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