Our Home Transformation.......Jodi the Decor Coach

Joe and I both wanted to move out of Durham.  Our home is fairly old and in need of upgrade in all areas.  Our back yard is a muddy mess and needs much work.  The interior needs new flooring and paint in every room.  The kitchen needs new countertops and a backsplash...(years ago Joe attempted to surprise me with  a tile backsplash.  He went to a place in Durham that had been in business for years and put 50% down.  To make a long story short they went out of business and we lost the deposit.  Sad but true.  So we put up wall paper instead.  It was nice but has gotten shabby over the years) After much thought we decided we just did not have the money to buy a new house but instead we would fix up what we have.  Plus we have plenty of space and a nice size back yard so we have a perfect blank slate.

Having no design experience I had no idea where to start.  How about an interior designer?  They could do the entire house for me and I would not have to lift a finger. Did a bit of research.....$$$$$....way out of our price range.  What to do? Consulted Google for hours and found my answer...Jodie The Decor Coach. For $160 she would come to my home and coach me for 3 hours.  I called her and set up the appointment.  (I had already saved hundreds of inspiration pictures on my new favorite site Pinterest to help me in this process)
So the day for Jodi to visit had arrived.  I was nervous and excited about this learning experience. Door bell rang....it was Jodie (picture from her website)
She was so nice put me right at ease.  We got right down to business.  Our main focus was the kitchen, living room and stairway.  We discussed granite vs quartz countertops, we discussed lighting, hardwood flooring and gas logs for the living room.  She shared vendors with me that she highly recommended.  The 3 hours flew.  I learned so much from her.  After our meeting I had a plan of action in this process, I felt that I had the needed information to get started on our home transformation adventure.
I decided to start in the kitchen.....(more to follow:-)
After I get the kitchen countertops and backsplash in and the hard wood floors and fireplace completed I plan on calling Jodie again.  I will need to get a handle on paint colors and other home improvement details.
"Thanks for your help Jodie! It may take me a while to meet my goals but I hope to be calling you again soon:-)"
If you are working on a home project and you need some advice I highly recommend Jodie the Decor Coach.
Enjoy your world:-)


  1. You have a gorgeous home Kathiey. It looks so worth the effort to keep it.

  2. What a great idea! Nice that she has recommendations for all aspects of the transformation.


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