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Monday Morning Motivation

I am glad that when we don't know how to pray, God knows our heart.
Happy Monday Everyone!
Enjoy Your World:-)

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012

A couple of weeks ago Joe, Erica and I got up early and headed to the Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012 in Raleigh NC.  Joe ran it for the first time last year Krispy Kreme Challenge 2011.  He was excited to run the race again and this year Erica decided to join him.  Plus the money was going for a great cause, UNC North Carolina Children's Hospital. I went along to document the event:-)

Early morning in
downtown Raleigh..

Interesting head gear...
Pre race lines for the port-a-johns.
There were over 7,700 runners so the lines were long...


Way to go Erica!!!
Erica ate 4 donuts at the donut station.
Joe ate all 12, crazy man:-)

Two bears ran the race you can see them there petting the dogs.  I did not realize it at the time but there is Joe in the middle of the shot.  What are the odds?

Monday Morning Motivation

Words to live by.
Here are a few photos of someone that is loved deeply....Caleb:-)
Happy Monday Everyone!
Enjoy Your World:-)

Stephanie and I Exploring Georgetown

I went up to visit Steph, Josh, and Caleb a couple of weeks ago.  Steph and I decided to do a bit of shopping.  Where to go??  How about Georgetown?  Why not? We hopped in the car, I let Steph do the driving since she is a city girl now, and we braved the DC traffic and headed to the shopping mecca of Georgetown.....We parked in a parking garage off the main street and headed out to find breakfast.  LaMadeleine Country French Cafe. What a cozy nice place...

We had a nice time at LaMadeleine.  I like the French Country decor.
The food was good and the people friendly...
Now off for a bit of shopping.....We hit several shops...the ones I remember are JCrew, LuLumon Athletic, (where Steph loved looking for CrossFit gear:-), Anthropologie,  Banana Republic, and several others where the names elude me.  Great fun!
After several hours of shopping and exploring we were hungry again.  Stephanie had the foresight to order cupcakes from a shop called Georgetown Cupcake.  It is a popular little p…