Christmas Countdown...2011...Christmas lights...

Have you ever wondered why we put lights on our Christmas tree?  Why we decorate our homes for the holidays.  Yes, the lights are beautiful, but what is the thought behind the tradition?  I consulted Google for some insight, here is what I found...
"Candles and Christmas lights represent Christ, the Light of the World. They also remind us that we are to be light to others, to show them the way to Christ.  Lord, be my Light in the darkness and help me to be a light to others, to show them the way to you. When all seems hopeless, help me to remember that the darkness cannot overcome Your Light." 
I am not sure who penned the quote but I like the sound of it.  Now lets go find some we go....
Caleb and I ready for the adventure....

Joe decorated this tree for his parents.....beautiful job.
Come on guys lets go.  Joe you are driving!

Here we are at Ronny's Garden World, Smyrna DE

(A very bright light in our world. Little Caleb:-)

Don't worry Caleb, we would not let that happen!
Back at Mom and Dad's.  We bought them a ribbon tree topper.
Looks great! 
Our family is also our "light" at Christmas.
I thank God for them.
(You too Joe, Erica, Josh, and Bruce:-)
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Enjoy Your World!


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