Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "Duke Lemur Center" Durham NC

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go with one of my photo groups to Duke Lemur Center In Durham NC.  Here is quote from their website....
"...Duke Lemur Center was established in 1966 and today is the world’s largest sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates.   Nestled on 85 acres in Duke Forest, the Lemur Center houses about 250 animals, including 233 lemurs encompassing 15 species, along with lorises from India and Southeast Asia and bushbabies from Africa".  
So off I went camera in hand......

 One of our very nice guides...

As we headed to the nocturnal building our photo leader said we needed to change our ISO...?  Ummm, what is an ISO anyway?
As you can see I did not change my ISO?:-)
Best shot I could get in the dark....

Back in the light, what a cutie:-)

We had a great time at the Lemur Center.   Great cause, great place.
Get out and explore!
Enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. OK girl you have given Linda & I another place to try out and we really love anywhere we can see animals. Great pictures.

  2. Wasn't it great there! :-) Loved the whole experience except for all of the ticks... Did you guys get any ticks?

  3. Hi Kathiey-
    The DLC thanks you for a great blog! We are featuring it on our facebook page today!

  4. Wonderful photos! I was at the DLC last Saturday and enjoyed it so much. Love the lemurs!


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