Restaurant Review...."Saratoga Grill" in Hillsborough NC

I have visited Saratoga Grill in Hillsborough NC probably 5 times in the last few years.  I have always really enjoyed it.  The food has always been amazing and the staff very friendly.  Well last weekend Joe said he wanted to take me out for a belated birthday meal.  With limited funds I consulted Urban Spoon to decide where we should go.  When I discovered that Saratoga had an early bird special for only $9.95,   available Tuesday through Saturday 5 -6:30 pm,  I knew right away where we were going for dinner.  It had been a while since I had been and I was really excited about re-visiting this cute little restaurant in Hillsborough....
You will find the grill up a narrow flight of stairs just above an antique store...
Pictures for sale on the walls.  The tables were welcoming....

View from the window...

Breads were great....

I had the Honey Almond Salmon....Yummy:-).....

Joe had the Top Sirloin....It was tasty  too....
So how would I rate Saratoga Grill.  Food was great.  The venue 
itself was clean and inviting.  The only thing I would change 
would be the connection between the staff and the guests.  I guess
the best way to describe the staff was stoic.  No smiles of welcome from
the hostess. She just lead us to the table and left.  As I observed the staff
I realized everyone had the same flat affect. 
Everyone did a nice job and were professional but all seemed
emotionally distant.  I felt as though they were afraid they would 
get in trouble if they smiled.  At times the entire staff was standing
against the wall watching us, no expression.  I know it was to be there to
attend to our every need but it was a bit unnerving.  There was no music
playing just people watching us.  Toward the end of the meal we did 
get a smile out of our waiter....we really liked him.  As we left one of
the staff walked by and under his breath he said "hope to see you again
soon"  but he didn't even look at us?
Maybe it was an off night, maybe someone had died.  I don't know.
I know that is not their norm because in the past when I have visited we 
have felt warmly welcomed.  So I will return to Saratoga Grill....
Get out and try a new restaurant...
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)

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  1. I had a blog friend this morning talking about "Smile Ministry" and seems that place could use some of that there. I think it would be fun trying to get them to smile.


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