Recipe Review..."Easy Cheese Danish" by Barbara Pace

I was trying to think of something sweet to make this week.  I pulled out my recipe files and came across an oldie but very goodie, Barbara Pace's Cheese Danish.  Several years ago we were spending a few days with Barbara and her family.  She had these wonderful pastries waiting for us when we got up one morning.  She happily shared her recipe with us and now it is a keeper in my recipe files....I looked over the recipe....
Looks pretty easy...
gathered my ingredients...
 1 pk of crescent rolls fitted
to the pan....
Needed an egg yolk...

Spread the cream cheese
Unrolled the next pk of crescent rolls.
So I could easily place it over the top...

 Don't want to waste the egg
white.  Now I have my egg
wash which I brushed over the
top of the second layer.
 then topped with sugar and
slivered almonds....
ready for the oven....
..30 minutes later and you have
a warm delicious cheese danish.

Yum.  Easy to make and goes great with a glass of cold milk.
(I almost forgot....I give these a 10/10 on my cooking scale:-)
Happy Eating Everyone!
Enjoy your world:-)


  1. Would love this recipe but hesitate to print it because it is not printer friendly.

  2. Looks so tasty and easy too. For my birthday Linda and I will be staying at the Celebrity Dairy a week from this saturday. I am excited to think of all the goats and just getting away for a day and night. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm drooling, looks so yummy! I used to make something similar, a recipe that added cherry pie filling inside the crescent dough too. An old pampered chef recipe, one of my fave's...


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