Friday Foliage and Flowers..."Forsythia"

I love spring in the south.  There is a short window of time, before the summer heat and humidity, when the spring flowers bloom in all their glory.  It may not last long but while it is here it is beautiful.  We are in that season now and one of my favorite flowering plants is Forsythia.  I was reading on Wikipedia that Forsythia is actually in the olive family and there are 11 species, mostly native to Asia.  I was also informed that it is a deciduous shrub.  (I am learning so much:-)
Here is a picture of ours last spring...full and beautiful....

This year ours look weak and thin.  I find I am asking my self "Why?"....
Here are some facts I found in my research...
Forsythia grows and flowers best in full or partial sun.  ("Ours is pretty much in full sun.  Thats good.")

The forsythia plant really benefits from pruning. A regular schedule of pruning keeps the plants within bounds and creates a bushier growth habit. Pruning also encourages better flowering. Pruning after flowering promotes better branching and creates the potential for more flowers in future years.  ("You mean you have to take care of the plant?  That could be our problem":-)
Here are some helpful hints from the internet...

How to Grow Forsythia:
Fast growing Forsythia are easy to grow.  Established plants require little, or no care. 
Grow Forsythia plants in full sun to partial shade. 
They will grow well in most soils. Soil should be well drained.
Water plants during extended dry periods as needed. 
Fertilize plants once a year in early spring.  Use a high phosphorous fertilizer to promote bright blooms.
Pruning Forsythia:
Flowers form on prior year's growth, not new growth. So, it's important to prune them immediately after the flowers have bloomed. You can cut back old growth to about four inches from the ground.
Don't hesitate to be aggressive in pruning these fast growing plants. They will grow back at a fast rate.
 Insects and Diseases Affecting Forsythia:
Insect and disease problems are infrequent. Treat with insecticides or fungicides only as needed.
This blog post is really for my husband Joe.  He is always asking me to research these things.  So here you go Joe....time to start pruning:-)
Here are some online photo find incentives...

The beautiful flowering Forsythia.
A joy to behold!
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


  1. It is one of the loveliest of the spring flowers with such bright yellow flowers. I enjoy them wherever I can see them.

  2. I love them too - so happy and bright.


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