Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "Celebrity Dairy" in Siler City NC

Yesterday Joe and I decided to venture down to Siler City NC to the Celebrity Dairy open house.  It is called Open Barn, a chance to take a first hand look at their property and meet some baby goats.  We walked the grounds, saw goats both adult and babies, along with llamas, chickens.  We also got an good overview of their property on which they have the dairy farm and bed and breakfast inn.
Here are a few pictures of our dairy adventure.....
The Inn
I think this is where they host their dinners.
Lovely Quilt
One of many rustic buildings

Our first goat sighting
Wait, that's not a goat.....

Milking Parlor
(the goats above needed to get here quick:-)
Famous Hand Model displaying Goat Cheese Menu.
You can buy their cheese at many local markets.
You will also find it served at several area restaurants.  
Wise old Billy Goat...
I guess its a boy???
He has a beard:-)

The "Kids"....so cute:-)

Off to walk the grounds to see what else we can find....

Largest chicken coop I have ever seen....
("Chicken Ministries?":-)

We enjoyed our visit to Celebrity Dairy.  It was a bit like going back in time.  The old buildings, the farm house, the barn.  You can tell the goats are well cared for.  I did taste the cheese, it was very good.
They have dinners there every 3rd Sunday.  Served family style.  It is a 4-5 course meal with "cheese chat" and a tour of the barn and cheese room.  Sounds like fun....we may have to visit for dinner in the future.  It is a bit pricey $50.00 but may be worth the experience.  I will have to start saving:-)
Get out and try some goat cheese!  Its a nice treat.
Enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. OK Kathiey, both Linda and I love goats & B&B's so I will be checking it out deeper and planning a visit there. Thanks so much for the tour.


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