Krispy Kreme Challenge 2011

It was 5 AM on a dark, cold, and rainy Saturday.  I could stay in my warm bed and sleep a few more hours.  That would probably be the sensible thing to do. Instead I got up and got ready to go be a spectator at the 7th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh NC.
This race started as a dare back in 2004.  Twelve guys from NC State decided to run 2 miles to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen donuts and race back.   This event has grown over the years.  In 2009 there were 5500 runners and this year 7500 folks signed up.
There are 3 divisions..... (pictures are from the Krispy Kreme Challenge Website.)

  • Eats All the Donuts
  • Runs the Full Race
  • Keeps 'em Down

  • Not Required to Eat a Dozen, but chomp down as many as you like.
  • Runs or Walks
  • Keeps 'em Down (...or not?)

  • Does not Run or Walk
  • Does not Get any Donuts
  • Does get a cool K2C T-shirt
  • Comes to watch and cheer!!

Joe was entered as a Challenger.  Here is how our day at the event went.

Cold, rainy, and dark..
Mr Donut Head 
off to the race. 
One of many costumes...
Joe before the race... 
The runners gather.... 
and their off.... 
 No runners around so I
 took a picture of the bell tower..
Freezing cold, soaking wet....
...we wait... 
Here comes the pace car
The first runner, almost finished.
Is that Joe??  Not yet:-)

Some folks wore costumes and some folks wore close to nothing at all.  One guy had on a vest and tiny little undies.
The temp was probably in the 30's...Cold!
Here they come...
where is Joe?...
There's Joe in the bright blue in the middle of the pack.  He sped by so fast I barely was able to get the shot. 
More runners heading to the finish...
I don't know these guys but I liked their shirts so I asked them if I could take their pictures... 
I did see one poor guy "puking"
but not one of these guys:-)
 More interesting outfits...

This is Mr Donut Head from earlier.  His donut did not hold up very well in all the rain... 
These guys had to be freezing.... 

Way to go Joe!!!:-) 
Joe and his Tri Club friends, Braddan, and Rachael. 

 After the race....
a warm car and a cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

Joe was able to finish all 12 donuts.  He said after the third it became increasingly difficult. 
He did manage to keep them down, although we did witness one poor guy losing his donuts at the finish line.  Joe had to leave the area quickly or his donuts would have made a return visit as well:-)

I wouldn't mind attempting this race.  It would be as a casual run/walker though.  I would probably eat one donut, maybe two as I made my way slowly toward the finish line.
It was a fun day.  I am glad I did not stay in bed but instead got up and out and enjoyed my world.
Get out and do something fun and enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. At one time I could have eat a whole box of Krispy Kreams. They are so good especially if you can get them right off the line. I gave them and other sweets like pies & cakes a year ago jan 21st. It sure was a nasty day for being outside for anything.

  2. oooh I would definitely have puked!


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