Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "The Butterfly House"

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my photography Meetup group for an outing to the Museum of Life and Science in downtown Durham.  Joe and I spent many days there with the kids when they were little.  Great place to learn and explore.
Yesterdays excursion had a focus.....butterflies.  They allowed our group to come an hour before the official opening so that we could go into the butterfly house and attempt to get some amazing shots.
I picked Melissa up at 8:30am and with our cameras in hand we headed to Magic Wings Tropical Butterfly Conservatory........

Melissa and I.
My hair was straight when we went in, just a bit of humidity and here come the curls:-)

We had a great time as usual with our photo group.  We have been on many local adventures with them. The group is called The Triangle Photography Club.  Great group.  I recommend them.  There are beginners like Melissa and I and there are folks with giant lenses and tripods, and things camera related that I have never heard of.  All are welcome and the photo experienced folks are always happy to give helpful hints and suggestions to those of us with lesser knowledge. Nice people!
I am happy with my pictures, but if you want to see some amazing pictures go to the photo club link just a few lines above.  If you are not a member you can still look at their photos, you just can't make comments.
Enjoy your world everyone and if you live near Raleigh and you like to take pictures join the Triangle Photography Club.. We would love to have you:-)


  1. Wow, Kathiey! What gorgeous pictures. I would love to be a part of a group like that since I love photography! I am not close enough to Raleigh though to participate.
    I have tagged you in a survey that was sent to me by my friend Shady. If you would like to participate, please go to my blog and copy and paste the questions, replacing my answers with yours. You would then tag 4 more bloggers and so on. Thanks! I so enjoyed viewing your photos!

  2. Hi Katie, that was my middle daughter that tagged you and she really does some great photography. I loved your shots so much. The color and detail was amazing. Couldn't email you from home but I checked on sat's mail and not yet. Have a wonderful Valentines Day.

  3. Great shots Kathiey!
    My favorites are the aloe plants (love the pattern and colors), the blue butterfly on the elephant ear, and the butterfly mobile.


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