Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "Apex Community Park"

I had yesterday off.  It was a brisk beautiful day so Bordie and I hopped in the SUV and headed to Apex Community Park in Apex NC.  This is probably my third visit to this park.  There are 2 entrances.  The way we enter you pass sports fields and tennis courts.  
We travel to the back parking lot and Brod and I get ready for our run.  What I like most about this park is that there is a paved trail that circles the lake.  It is a 2 mile loop.  Yesterday we ran (if you can call it that:-)  3 miles and then walked a mile.  I ran up on a man with a t-shirt that said "Walk, Jog, Run, or Waddle"  I thought that was cute.  In my life time I think I have done them all.  As long as we do our best, that is what matters.
I never feel isolated or fearful in this park.....not like my home trail where I am always on edge.  Here you will find folks with dogs, with strollers.  All age groups from young adults to elderly walking, jogging, running, and yes even waddling.  Very nice place to get out, exercise, and enjoy nature.  
I had planned on taking pictures yesterday.  I had my small camera.  Sadly I guess I was not in picture taking mode.  Last fall Brodie and I visited this park and took a few pictures so I will post those so you get a feel for our adventure......
"Come on Mom,
Lets Go!!"

Nice paved trail loops
around the lake.

Brodie thinking about life:-)

Another good day with my
wonderful dog Brodie:-)

Thanks to a fellow blogger and friend, Odie at The Simple Life for posting  on exploring with his dog Rocky.  He motivated me to do this post on exploring my world with Brodie.  Check out his site, you will love it.
Get out and explore and enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. That is a gorgious park and that is an understatement. Apex is quite a drive from halifax though. Thanks for the mention and have an awesome weekend.


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