Monday Morning Motivation

I read this quote years ago.  I found in the One Minute Bible Devotional.
"Knowing that God is in charge can put you at ease in life's most unsettling situations"
I can't say I would be "at ease" in this situation, but knowing God was there with me would sure help.
I hope the guy in the photo is ok!!  I don't think any of us will encounter this situation today but what ever the situation  we encounter in our lives it does bring peace to know that God walks beside us, loves us, and will help us through.  He holds our hand:-)
Enjoy Your World Everyone and stay out of light houses during a storm:-)


  1. OMG can you imagine being able to take take that photograph? I honestly don't know how he made it.
    Hopefully none of us will "ever" be in his situation but we can draw strength from the quote. Thanks


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