Guest Bedroom...Post #1....The Planning Stage..

Every room in our house needs some tender loving care.  Paint needs to be touched up throughout, we need a new couch in the living room, our current one is literally falling apart, lights need to be repaired, the disposal in the kitchen has been broken for months, and the list goes on & on.  There is so much to do, so just where do we start with limited skill and budget?  I have decided to start in our guest bedroom.  I have been thinking of painting this room since the kids moved away, but that is all I have done and it has been years.  I have been waiting for her,  but I have decided that my fairy god mother was not going to come and do this for me, so I have moved from the thinking phase to the planning stage.
Just what do I want this room to look like?  In the past I have based the room color on an object or  bedding color.  I think this time I want a nice base color that gives me the flexibility to change things up.  A color that does not limit what I can put in the room.  I went on line and pulled off some dream room pictures floating around in cyberspace.  All these rooms that I found look cozy & inviting....

After studying these pics I have decided that a nice light neutral color would be best.  Something that matches anything I would like to put in the room.  You may be thinking..."what does your current room look like, just what do you have to work with?"

As you can see I have my work cut out for me.  My first focus and next post on this project will be the paint color.  Any ideas or suggestions please let me know.  I can't wait to get started:-)

Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


  1. I would definately go with a lighter color but don't know what it would be called. Good luck.

  2. I'm a big fan of green, I find it relaxing and refreshing. Many people like blue, but it feels like a cold color to me.
    A really soft creamy pale yellow can be nice and neutral.

    Many stores have inexpensive sample sizes now. It really helps to see a good sized swatch of color on the wall.

    Good luck!

  3. Any idea where bed from pic 7 can be purchased?


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