Exploring Kathiey's Local World....."Historic Oakwood" Raleigh NC

I have heard about Historic Oakwood in Raleigh NC for years, but I have never been to visit.  I knew that every Christmas they decorate their houses both inside and out and then open their homes to the public for their annual Christmas Tour.  Well I missed the official tour but this past Sunday our photo club meet in front of the Governors Mansion and we took our own self guided tour up and down the streets of Historic Oakwood.  It was beautiful.  Here are a few of my pictures.  Hope you enjoy.....

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. Well girl, I have lived in Nash County most of my life and have been to Raleigh often but never heard of Oakwood. Of course I usually don't drive to Raleigh on purpose because I don't like the traffic but have to get close when I visit my daughter in Fuquay-Varina. Your pictures are beautiful and the architecture is amazing. Thanks for giving us the tour.


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