Happy Day I won a Giveaway!!! Attiser Table Cloth

I have never been very lucky when it comes to contests.  But as they say "you have to play to win".  So I entered a "Giveaway" on a blog I follow The Zhush.   I actually won!!  The giveaway was from a shop called Attiser  We were instructed to go on the site and select our favorite tablecloth from their collections.  Difficult choice.  After studying the options I chose the Southern Nights table cover.  Beautiful!  I was so excited when it came in the mail.
Yes it is fall and the holiday season is coming up.  Yes the table cloth does have a spring look to it but I had to show it off.  So I planned a meal Joe would like and set the table using my beautiful new table linen.  Take a look.....

I set the table with some of my Mom's dishes.  They looked great with the tablecloth.
Brodie was not interested at all with the new table linen.  He had his mind on the dinner, a remake of Shepherd's Pie 
Beautiful table setting thanks to Attiser.

Enjoy your world everyone & take the time to enter a contest, you may win....I did:-)


  1. Hi Congrats on your win, and a big thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Beautiful tablescape you've put together, just cozy and special for the family. Don't forget I'll be having a great giveaway when I reach 100 followers, just 9 more to go, and there will be 3 winners! Big hugs from Cali, tami from the high street cottage

  2. Hi Kathiey! The table cloth looks gorgeous! I have another fabulous giveaway going on tomorrow...be sure to check back! :)


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