Apples.....a tasty treat!

There are so many varities of apples.  There are apples for baking and cooking.  Then there are the snack apples.  But which ones are best?  I guess the answer to that would be based on personal taste.  Most folks love the Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and the Granny Smith Apples for snacking.  While those are all good I must admit there are a few others that I would choose for my snack apple.  Initially I thought that the Gala apple was my ultimate snack apple.  Sweet and tart, a very nice treat.
Gala Apple (photo from internet)

Then I discovered another apple that I love.  The Pink Lady Apple. Amazingly delicious snack apple.  When I went up north to see my brother, Bruce we went to a local orchard.  I was happy that the day we were there they were taking folks to the orchard to pick Pink Lady Apples.
Pink Lady Apples

Fifer Orchard
Bruce surrounded by apples:-)

I thought I had finally found the ultimate snack apple in the Pink Lady. 
Then my daughter Stephanie introduced me to another variety of apple, 
the Honeycrisp.  I took a bite.  I had just entered snack apple heaven.  
Tart and sweet all rolled into one beautiful apple. The apple itself is huge. 
 Joe and I usually  share one.  If you have not tried one please give it a go.  

The Honeycrisp Apple.
So good it had to be placed
on a pedestal:-)

Great snack apple and large enough to share with a friend:-)

Brodie just did not understand all the hoopla.

When I was doing my apple research I wondered just how many types of apples there are world wide.  I found 2 sites that said over 7,000.  Wow!  I also found a site you may enjoy.  It's called The Produce Geek. This site gives you an inside look at what is fresh and in season now, at your grocery store, in the way of produce. I was just looking over his latest newsletter and he said that Jazz Apples are in season.  I may have to give them a try.
Enjoy your world everyone, and get out and try a new variety of apple:-)


  1. What a great site Kathiey. I LOVE honeycrisp apples. Fuji's are great with smoked gouda.

  2. I was one that thought Gala was the best but I will have to try and find the Honeycrisp. Looks delicious. Thanks for the tip.


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