Sunday song "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go" by Sandra McCracken

This week as we prepared for Sunday worship I came across another song that was new to me, "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go".  Our music pastor Bryant asked the team to "familiarize ourselves with the song and share our favorite verse and why".  As I listened to the song and thought about the lyrics I found it difficult to choose a favorite.  The first line of each verse clearly explained God's presence in our lives.

"O Love that will not let me go"    "O light that followest all my way"
"O joy that seekest me through pain" "O cross that liftest up my head"
I find comfort and truth in all the verses but I guess the one that seemed to actually be me the last 3 years is the 3rd verse.  

"O joy that seekest me through pain".(My. The sadness and helplessness of watching my father die. My mom was soon to follow, then my youngest brother David, my kindred spirit, was next to go)

"I cannot close my heart to Thee"..........(I think it would have been easy to close my heart to God during these difficult times.  But I needed his strength.  I needed his love.  I held onto a verse that I read a lot into   "Be Still and Know I am God" I would close my eyes and repeat this verse to reassure myself God was with us and was in control)

"I trace the rainbow through the rain".....(I am trying to do that through my blog.  Finding amid the pain in this world there is beauty and joy that can be found in family, friends, and God's creation).

"And feel the promise is not vain".....(I believe strongly in God's promise.  He is with us he loves us and goes to prepare a place for us.  Yes, I have to remind myself of this often:-)

"That morn shall tearless be"(Well,  I can't say my mourning was tearless.  I still find myself crying at times when I miss my family.  But I find peace in knowing that they are with God.  I tend to feel sadness as I don't get to see my brother Bruce with Down's syndrome as much as I would like.  I find joy though in knowing someday we will be together in Heaven and he too will be a new creation.) 

That kinda sums up verse 3 for me:-)  I put together a little video using pictures I have taken.  The 3rd verse is in memory of my family that have gone.   After that are pictures of things that bring me joy.  My family, my good friend Melissa, my brother Bruce, God's beauty that surrounds us, God's Church through Christ that has given me life.  I can't leave out Brodie and the Grandpuppy's:-)

Enjoy your world everyone and Happy Sunday:-)


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