Product Review "The Fabulous Flab Firmer"

Since January I have gotten back into running.  Maybe I should call it plodding.  Still, it is a form of running.  I need new running shoes, mine are probably 5 years old.  I need updated running clothes, mine are literally falling apart.  But, I manage to get by.  There is one thing that I cannot do without.  I call them the Fabulous Flab Firmers.  In other words compression running shorts or spandex.  They are wonderful.  Build confidence!:-)

I have run two 5K's since April.   Very slow 5k's but I managed to finish.  I challenge myself to run 3-4 miles a couple times a week and run walk with Brodie everyday I am not working.
Here are a few pictures of the 2 races I managed to finish......
5K at the beach.  Erica beat my time, which is to be expected and Joe was registered in the 10K

The next race was the Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede in DE.   Joe and Ted ran the 10K.  Stephanie ran the 5K and of course was way out ahead of me, as it should be:-)   I ran my slow consistent pace and 40 minutes later crossed the finish line.

As you can see Joe is wearing the knee length compression shorts.  That will be my next investment:-)

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a flab firmer that covered all those problem areas?  Well,  I entered the world of Google to see just what was out there.  And I found just what I need...

I don't think you will seem me sporting this much spandex but I do love my shorts.
I think our next race will be The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  You should give it a try.Get out and enjoy your world everyone and if you are running jogging or walking give The Fabulous Flab Firmers a try.   I think you'll like them:-)


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