My Sunday Song "Be Still and Know" by Steven Curtis Chapman.

A couple of weeks ago my new friend Linda spoke on Laity Sunday.  Her sermon was titled "What's prayer got to do with everyday life?"  A few of the statements I took from her talk were "Can we maintain our joy even in the difficult times?"  "You will grieve and mourn but it will turn to joy."  Then she went and did it, she quoted the verse that I have to hold onto daily "Be Still and Know that I am God"  It was hard to maintain my composure after it is now. 
So what does prayer have to do with it?  It as Linda said connects us to the source of our power.  It helps us in the good and difficult times in our lives.  
In my mind it connects us to our Father to our Dad. 
I knew there must be a song that would go along with this verse.  I found Be Still and Know by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Love it!  I made a little video with the pictures I took in the mountains.
God Bless and Happy Sunday Everyone:-)


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