Sunday Song "Real" by James Wesley

I just was not sure what song to select for my Sunday Song this week.  I loved the songs we were singing in church this week but just could not choose the song that felt right for me.  Then it happened...I had set my clock radio to 5:30 am. The song that was playing this morning I had never heard before but it struck an emotional cord with me, brought me to tears.  It is call "Real" by James Wesley.
The last few years have been difficult....they have been "real".  Everyone has a story that is "real".  It may be hidden but it is there.  
So just what is real?.....
Holding my dad as he was dying and telling him I wanted him to be the one to greet me when I get to heaven. The weak hug he gave me when he could not speak.  That was real.
The joy of a birth, the struggle to conceive, the death of a child, of a loved one.  That is real.
Love of a family.  That is real.
A beautiful sunset.  That is real.
Although I don't know the story behind this picture I took at Jordan Lake yesterday it is powerful.  It is real.....
Job change, job loss, poverty.  That is real. 
Compassion. Giving when you can and receiving when you need to.  That is real.
A prayer request spoken today in church for a young woman with breast cancer.  That is real.
A friends love for her mom who is struggling with dementia. That is real.
My friend who's husband has cancer.  That is real.
Suffering, mistakes, confusion, pain, sorrow.  That is real.
Joy, laughter, faith, peace.  That is real. 
Our joy in the knowledge of God and that he is beside us all the way, no matter what.  That is real.
God's love and grace.  That is real and I am so thankful for it!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone:-)
(Oh....the pictures I put in the above video that I took at Jordan Lake yesterday.  They are real:-)


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