Recipe Review..."Scott Peacock's Apple Crisp"

I decided to try a new recipe.  I found it in Better Homes and Gardens the August 2010 edition.  American Classics, Apple Crisp
I gathered my ingredients......

Yep,  a few ingredients are missing in the picture.  I used 7 apples, and also brown sugar.  Scott says that fresh ground spices are best but I had to go the old fashioned route and use what I had in the pantry.
I followed Scott's every step. Even used my hands in the mixing process as he strongly suggests.  He seems to have a passion for using his hands.
Here are a few of Scott's hand quotes.  In regard to mixing the topping "You will be able to feel when it is ready."  Well I guess I could feel when it was mixed?
In regard to the apple filling Scott loves to use his hands to strain the fresh lemon juice, he says "I love the efficiency and pleasure of using my hands" Ok,  I did use my hands but I am not on the same cooking level as Scott because I did not feel great pleasure, as he did, I just felt lemony hands?  Here is my favorite hand quote from Scott  "Using your fingers is the best and most efficient method.  Personally I find it meditative and calming"  Ok...I did not find it meditative or calming, I found it strained my hand muscles and was a bit messy.  But as I have told my kids many times, everybody likes different things:-)
So, you are asking? How did it turn out?  Pretty good.  I would give it an 8/10 on my cooking scale.

We served the Crisp with ice cream.

Brodie was not crazy about the apple crisp but he loved the ice cream!
Happy Cooking Everyone:-)


  1. YUM!! Please come link this up at Foodie Friday tommorow! It's my new link party that is entirely food-based. I love cobblers and crisps in the fall. :-)

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  2. I may try that one of the Sundays!


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