My Sunday Song "Grace Like Rain"...By Todd Agnew

I love this song!  I was glad when I found out we would be singing this at our church service today.
Grace?  I had been hearing the term since I became a Christian when I was 16.  I have heard the term in sermons, in songs, in books.  I knew it was a good thing but I did not totally understand its meaning.  I think the book that has taken me the closest to understanding "Grace" is the book "Les Miserables"..the abridged version:-)  The unconditional love that was displayed in this book is amazing. It took me by surprise... "Oh, so that is Grace!"  God gave everything for us,  even though we make mistakes, we are moody, we are far from perfect, we are sinners.  He loves us anyway....Wow.
I remember praying and crying while reading the book when the realization of His love for us became a tad more clear.  I remember thanking God for such a love for me, for all of us. A deep unconditional love that I can never even begin to understand.
Thank you God for your love....for your Grace.
Happy Sunday Everyone:-)


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