Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exploring Kathiey's Local World...Duke Chapel...Durham NC

Monday night I rushed out of work a bit early.  Came home spent a few moments with Brodie and then I was off to Meetup with a great photo group....The Triangle Photography Meetup group.  There were close to 50 of us gathering at Duke Chapel in Durham NC.  The goal was to capture some shots both inside and outside of the Chapel.  What fun!  When I got home I downloaded 250 pictures:-)  Here are a few.....enjoy:-)

I had a wonderful time taking pictures with the Meetup folks.  As I walked down the trail to my car I couldn't help but think, "beautiful chapel...beautiful campus, but all that considered I am still a UNC fan!:-)"
Get out and explore and enjoy your world everyone:-)

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