"Run Amuck"....Quantico Va

Here I am in Quantico Va. I have just  finished watching my family run the Run Amuck.. What fun!  They ran 4 miles while also scaling walls, jumping hay bales and running and crawling through mud obstacles.  I was able to capture some photos of the fun and the "mud".......I also thought I would enter these photos in the "dirt" photo challenge at "Brenda's photo challenge". http://brendaphotochallenge.blogspot.com/  Enjoy the photos of my muddy family:-)

Here are a few other muddy folks that I took some pictures of while waiting for my family to finish......

Everyone had a great time.
Go out and get muddy and enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. Hahahaaa!! Oh My Goodness! Now these are Dirty Pictures!
    How fun! Staying healthy and getting dirty!
    Well Done!!
    Have Fun Girl!

  2. That looks and sounds like lots of fun! I always look for any excuse I can to play in the dirt. :)


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