Product Review "Bob Evan's Wildfire Barbecue Sauce"

Last week I saw a "Product Review" by  Suzie the Foodie.  It looked pretty good and Joe was in the mood to grill so we decided to give it a try.  We went out and bought a few steaks for Joe to season and grill.  Then picked up a pack of skinless, boneless chicken breasts on which to try the Bob Evan's Wildfire Sauce.

Finished product...

Joe said it was a rather thin sauce and he had to keep reapplying it but that was no problem.

How was it you ask?   It was good.  We had some extra sauce we set aside for dipping.  I would suggest doing that.  "Wildfire" makes it sound really hot, but it is mild and also sweet.  So if you like sweet Barbecue Sauce you should give it a try.  I would probably give it a 7/10 on my cooking scale.
I know you are wondering where Brodie was doing this meal.  Erica and Roxy were home so Brodie and Roxy were out running and playing in the back yard........

...until the scent of barbecue filled the air...
..then filled with great hope they waited at the patio door:-)

Happy Cooking Everyone:-)


  1. Great review! Glad you liked it even though it's kind of a thinner barbecue sauce than many others. Good to know people who like sweet sauces thought this one was OK.


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